Spanish and Puerto Rican Culture Summer

May 25 through June 21, 2008 and June 24 through July 23, 2008
Come to Puerto Rico, our Caribbean Paradise! Enjoy its natural beauty as well as its historical and cultural wealth while you study our language and enjoy our people's hospitality.

This program is designed to increase participants' ability to communicate in all aspects of the Spanish language as well as to enhance their understanding of Puerto Rican cultural patterns.

Our program allows you to take up to two different courses (6 credits, 90 contact hours): one language course (Spanish for non-native speakers or Puerto Rican Literature and Linguistics) and the culture course (Society and Culture in Puerto Rico). Also the student can take an additional language course: Spanish Composition (3 crs) or Spanish Conversation (1crs).


  • Spanish for Non-native Speakers (3 crs). In five levels: Basic I, Basic II, Intermediate I, Intermediates II and Advanced.
  • Puerto Rican Literature and Linguistics (3crs). Only for students already fluent in the language, specifically graduate students and professionals. This course presents an overview of the Spanish Language in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean, as well as an introduction to island literature.
  • Spanish Composition (3 crs). For advanced Spanish students only. This course emphasizes the morpho-syntactic structures of the Spanish Language and their application to composition. Special emphasizes is given to intricacies of Spanish grammar.
  • Spanish Conversation (1 crs). For beginners and intermediate students. Levels I and II. Intensive course in spoken Spanish, designed to give the student fluency in the use of idiomatic, everyday language as well as a comprehensive, practical vocabulary.
  • Society and Culture in Puerto Rico (3 crs). An overview of island culture that explores its history, arts, folklore, ecology, economics, geography and politics. This course is designed as a series of lectures and workshops given by experts in each field and integrated with field trips and cultural activities.

The placement of the students in the language courses depends on the results of the placement exam.

In addition to traditional classroom instruction, weekly field trips, workshops and cultural activities are built into the program to enhance learning and to allow students become better acquainted with some of the most important features of Puerto Rican culture and landscape. The program also includes the opportunity to participate in additional, optional field trips and social and cultural activities.
Previous programs have included trips to the Puerto Rican Art Museum, the Camuy Caverns, El Yunque Rain Forest, Ponce, Old San Juan, Luquillo Beach, meetings with local authors and artists, Bomba and Plena music workshops, film screenings, and Salsa dancing lessons. Optional activities, such as Puerto Rican cooking classes and kayaking have also been provided.


  1. Spanish and PR Culture and Society Courses, without credit - $2,200.00
  2. Spanish Program ( Courses 1,3 &4) - $2,300.00
  3. Puerto Rican Culture Program - $1,800.00
  4. Spanish Only Program - $1,800.00
  5. Spanish course for students residing in Puerto Rico(just the class)- $700.00

The price includes (Program 1-4):

  • Registration, Courses, Placement Test and Course Materials
  • Certificates
  • Medical Insurance
  • Airport Transfer (May 25, June 21, June 24 and July 23, 2008)
  • Field Trips
  • Welcome and farewell activities
  • Administrative expenses
  • Use of campus facilities
  • Coordinator


  • Credit $45.00 per credit
  • Additional Language Course $400.00
  • Housing:
    1. Plaza Universidad
      $ 220.00 (in double room)
      $ 350.00 (in single room)
    2. Casa de Huéspedes
      $550.00 (in single room)
      $400.00 (in double room)
  • Meals: Please inquire about meal options and costs
  • Deposit: There is a $400.00 non-refundable deposit.

Late fees: Students registering after May 10, 2008 will be subject to a late fee of $200.00, in addition to regular course price.

How to register